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Reading room in the park

Atlanta's weather turned stunningly beautiful last week after a long ugly winter, so I took the opportunity to eat lunch outside today with a colleague in Woodruff Park downtown near GSU.

We sat down next to this outdoor "reading room" -- a cart of library books in the middle of the outdoor plaza. They had call number labels on them, so we  guessed that they were withdrawn books from nearby Fulton County Public Library. There was no evidence of a mobile circulation desk so apparently they were free for the taking!

What a cool idea.


library card

I had today off since I worked the reference desk on Sunday. In between working on class projects, I went over to get a library card.

I'm faintly embarrassed that I haven't had a public library card in about fifteen years. When I was a broke student (well, okay, when I was a broke undergraduate student) I used to regularly check out videos from the excellent downtown library on my way home. Since moving to my current home I have worked for universities continuously, so I've always had easy access to big libraries and hadn't bothered with a public library card. The really embarrassing part is that my closest branch is literally about two blocks from my house.

My library (the one I work in) has almost no audiobooks, and we always get questions about them at the end of the semester as students prepare to travel, so I'm working on a web guide to free audiobooks to put up before the end of the school year. I discovered that Netlibrary has a collection of audiobooks, but we don't subscribe to them. My public library does, so I finally got a card to nose around the collection.

I think I'll actually be using it more than I thought. I forgot how much more fiction public libraries have than academic ones. I have been getting all the novels that MPOW doesn't have via interlibrary loan, but I think I'm more likely to get them from the public library now that I have access. I may start checking out movies again too -- Netflix is great, but doesn't allow spur-of-the-moment choices.