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Zotero workshop video

When I teach Zotero workshops, I'm often asked by people who can't attend whether the session will be archived in some way to watch later. The answer is now yes -- we recorded my last workshop and posted it on Youtube.

After seeing the initial video, I identified several places where it wasn't clear what I was doing on the screen. I recorded some very short (ten or fifteen second) screencasts to drop in, and our instructional designer edited them into a finished product.

I'd like to thank our library's instructional designer Cynthia Kennedy, who did all the editing and production work, and Mat Munson at GSU's Multimedia Communication Services department who filmed the session.


Google Reader video

Google has published a great 2-minute how-to video called Getting Started With Google Reader.  I added it to my RSS Libguide.  It's also on their Reader Help page.  Nice job of translating RSS into plain language!